Learn how to identify and knock-down barriers impacting your 'confidence' when navigating an early career within a male-dominated industry

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Do you believe that your 'confidence' is to blame for holding back in meetings, not putting forward new ideas, standing up for your right to contribute, feeling nervous when presenting to a group of your peers, negotiating with suppliers or pursuing career progression?

What if that wasn't the full picture? 

This interactive workshop led by gender equality expert and confidence coach Tanya Andrews is a must-attend for early career women who:

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Are reluctant to speak up, put forward new ideas or hold personal and professional boundaries

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Are waiting to 'be confident enough' to... [insert something outside of your comfort zone here!]

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Believe that 'more confidence' would make them better at their job, more valuable to their company and more respected by their peers.


... Have we got a lot to talk about! 

This workshop provides an opportunity for Early Career Women to build their understanding of the complexities that exist within the concept of 'Confidence' for women in a male-dominated landscape, PLUS connect with other early career women experiencing similar challenges and roadblocks.


Let's get it in your calendar:

DATE:   Thursday 25 January, 2024

TIME:   11:00am - 12:00pm AEST

FORMAT:   Virtual (Zoom)

COST:   FREE - thanks to our sponsors Karan & Co

PLEASE NOTE: This event is specifically for early career women who are working in male-dominated industries or roles. The event is live, interactive and online, however if you can't make it on the day a 30 minute presentation will be recorded during the workshop and made available to registered participants after the event.

Save your seat to the live and interactive workshop.


About your facilitator: Tanya Andrews

Tanya Andrews (Meessmann) is the founder of Girl Shaped Flames, NFP UNIQ You and now the Trellis Collective.

Thoroughly dedicated to addressing gender inequality within male-dominated industries (and armed with international insights and experience) Tanya has not only worked with over 5000 teenage girls, their parents and educators facilitating powerful confidence development, mentoring, inspiring events, and transformative training courses for 6 years...

… but in 2021 she developed and launched UNIQ You: a not-for-profit career advisory service in response to the critical need to significantly increase the number of high school girls considering and pursuing inspiring unique career pathways in industries and roles under-represented by women.

Trellis Collective, and its First Five Program, presents a continuation of Tanya’s dedication to providing the support needed for young women entering and navigating male-dominated industries, and the opportunity to apply her confidence development, communication and community expertise to result in the next generation of empowered women.

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